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System Description

  • The self pressing model has three features that make it different from the non-self pressing model.
  • The same type of screen in the bottom of the tank as is located in the top.
  • An suction opening is located on the bottom surface of the tank.
  • A ballast tank is inserted and filled with water on top of the lees inside tank.
  • A fork lift frame and tubes are for moving and/or rotating with only leas in it.
  • Located on the high surface area of the bottom and top surfaces of the tank is a unique method of filtering and removing the wine after fermentation, utilizing gravity, atmospheric pressure, and a ballast tank, if desired, to extract the wine.
  • It is a superb way of extracting clean filtered juice and wine while not subjecting it to the highly oxidative and abusive process of conventional pressing.
  • The wine is removed from the top and bottom by filtering it through the lees resulting in much cleaner and quicker barrel ready wine.
  • After the wine is removed the fermentor can be moved, without the wine in it, to a different location to remove the floating lid and rotated to dump the lees and returned to be filled again with fresh juice where the next fermentation will take place.