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Self Pressing SR Fermentor

This is the fermenter of the future for the advanced and profitable wine maker.

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pat. pnd


PUMP-UNDER fermenting pat. pnd. is the restraining of the cap to below the liquid line, building a body of juice below the cap of the desired characteristics and temperature, and moving it upward into the cap. Thus skin contact, temperature, sugar content, and other variables can continuously be managed and controlled throughout the tank, including the “nearly impossible to manage” cap. Fermenting within the cap can be nurtured to take advantage of components and enzymes there. The carbon dioxide content may be minimized by circulating juice through the cap to strip and extract it. These functions are all easily automated using common thermostatic and parameter sensing machine controls for accuracy and repeatability.

The implication is that this system can lead to complete new possibilities in fermenting techniques. For example, is it better to have the whole cap at a certain temperature, or just the lower surface? This is only one easily controlled parameter. There are dozens more.

It is possible to ferment mostly in the cap; it is also possible to control the extreme and isolated conditions of temperature, sugar content, and alcohol, making it extremely difficult for a fermentation to stick.

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