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The cooling coil is a stainless cooling surface which is mounted inside the tank. It is a permanently attached interior plate through which chilled gylcol or water is circulated. The efficiency of the cooling coil is also increased by the thick walls of Pasco Poly™ tanks which provide better insulation against heating the wine from outside the tank than is true of stainless tanks. 

Molds have been machined at the point of attachment for stainless racking and drain fittings to assure a surer seal. .

Available fittings include both tri-clamp and threaded options

You can specify two types of fittings for your Pasco poly™ polyethylene wine tank:

➢Tri-Clamp (TC)

Tri-Clamp fittings allow quick connection and disconnection of valves and couplings.
You may specify a TC racking fitting of 1.5" or 2" diameter. The drain fitting can come with a diameter of 1.5", 2", or 3". 

Tri-Clamp Racking and Drain Fitting                             

  1.5" Diameter                                       

Tri-Clamp Racking and Drain Fitting

2" Diameter

Tri-Clamp Drain Fitting

3" Diameter

➢Threaded (NPT)

NPT threaded fittings allow screw-on connection with traditional pipe thread valves or couplings. You may specify a NPT racking or drain fitting with a diameter of 1", 1.5" or, 2".

+ Note: 3" Racking Fitting NOT available 

NPT Threaded Racking and Drain Fitting

1" Diameter  

NPT Threaded Racking and Drain Fitting

1.5" Diameter    
NPT Threaded Racking and Drain Fitting

2" Diameter

The hinged, two-piece stainless steel side manway* uses a design that is unique in polyethylene wine tanks.The outer retainer plate is hinged to the wall of the wine tank for easy closure.The inner gasket plate is hung for ease of positioning.

Picture shows anti-distortion girdle which is standard on some models.

The top manway is set forward for easy reach from the front of the tank. This design also adds a pleasant line to the shape of the tank.

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