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Our equipment provides the competitive edge the top winemakers are searching for:

➢“I know my wine is at stabilization temperature throughout when I see ice forming on the top.”  KiLR-CHiLR™ Air System pat pend user since 2004

➢“It does exactly what you say it does.” First winemaker to set up a KiLR-CHiLR™ Air System pat pend winery

➢“You're right, I can feel the temperature changes in the hose as I'm pumping over” Winemaker speaking of the temperature stratification in his stainless steel tanks

➢“The wine [fermented in the St. Regulus Fermentor pat pend] is a cut above, no TWO cuts above our other wines!” Winemaker comparing his Syrah fermented in a St. Regulus Fermentor (patent pending) with his traditionally fermented wines.

➢“The wine is darker, fuller bodied, with excellent fruit extraction – smooth without bitterness.”

➢“You couldn't pry these [St. Regulus Red Wine Fermentors pat pend] out of my hands!” California Wine Consultant who has been using two 4-ton St. Regulus Red Wine Fermentors pat pend for the last three years.