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Pasco Poly™, formerly Polyvin Inc. manufactures polyethylene wine tanks, KiLR-CHiLR™ wine cooling & heating system, SR PuMP-uNDeR™  wine fermentor system, wine tanks for the food and beverage industry: fermentation, blending, storage, brewing, cooling, chilling, and cold-stabilization of wine, juice, vinegar, syrups, and other beverage production needs. Our quality, natural white poly plastic wine tanks include stainless steel manways and fittings. The upper manway is set forward for easy access from the front. The lower manway is inward swinging, outward hinged. Stainless steel racking and drain fittings available in tri-clamp quick-connect or normal pipe thread. From small to large, Pasco Poly™ wine & juice tanks, pat.pending SR PuMP-uNDeR™ Fermentor & pat. pending KiLR-CHiLR™ System, we will meet your tank needs. Click to download product brochure in.pdf file or click photo.

➢Stainless Steel Manways and Fittings

Used by thousands of wineries across the country.

Nitrogen purged during molding.

Extra thick for better insulation and strength.

Easy to clean, with smooth neutral surfaces.

4300 Gallon Pasco Poly Tank

Tri-clamp or NPT adapters included.

Air-tight, sealing, stainless steel manways.

Add a KiLR-CHiLR Air System pat. pend. for optimal temperature control.

500 Gallon & 100 Gallon shown (Additional Sizes Available, See Tank Sizes)

Wine Business Monthly lists Pasco Poly SR Pump-Under™ Fermentor as a top favorite at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium - UWGS 2007.

Wines & Vines reports, "Plastic tanks save space, money and trees, compared to stainless steel tanks and wooden barrels.." -  Wines & Vines January 2009 Issue

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