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10 FAVORITE PRODUCTS by Wine Business Monthy - Names Pasco Poly™ SR Pump-under™ Fermentor a top favorite at UWGS 2007:  Unified Wine & Grape Symposium by Curtis Phillips
HIGHLIGHTS:  "Pasco Poly introduced the St. Regulus Fermentor at this years UWGS. The St. Regulus is a submerged cap fermentor that has the additional feature of actively circulating the fermenting wine through the cap to increase extraction, evenly distributing fermentable sugars and keeping the cap from overheating during fermentation. The winemaker can adjust most of the fermentor parameters such as depth of the cap, amount of circulation and temperature. WHATS COOL: This fermentor automates submerged-cap fermentations." http://www.winebusiness.com/wbm/?go=getArticle&dataId=46909

January 2009 Issue of Wines & Vines:  Advantages of Plastic; Evolution of the plastic tank in the winery by Richard Carey, Ph.D. HIGHLIGHTS:  "Numerous innovations in plastic tanks are now available, especially for small to mid-size wineries.  Plastic tanks save space, money and trees, compared to stainless steel tanks and wooden barrels."  http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=features&content=61257

February 2009 Issue of Wines & Vines:  Putting Plastic to Work, Evolution of the plastic tank in the winery, Part 2 by Dr. Richard Carey   CONCLUSION: "Between Flextank, Pasco Polyand Schütz, plastic tanks have entered the wine industry in a serious manner. Winemakers have found good and useful ways to incorporate these valuable tools into traditional winemaking." http://www.winesandvines.com/template.cfm?section=features&content=62068

April 2009 Wines & Vines:  Tanks for small lots: boutiques, custom crushers choose stainless, stackable vessels. by Peter Franson - HIGHLIGHTS: "Many winemakers also are using plastic tanks for fermentation and/or shipment. Dave Rule says 'Pasco Poly tanks are not oxygen permeable'. Advantages of the smaller tanks include sophisticated options like cooling jackets, easy portability by forkiifts, and their ability to be stacked, saving valuable winery floor space. Pasco Poly in Weiser, Idaho, offers the new St. Regulus Pump-Under™ red wine fermenter in 1- to 7-ton models. The juice is pumped from the top after it has passed upward through the submerged, temperature-controlled cap, and then returned to the bottom of the tank for recirculation. The temperature control and degree of circulation are all automated, and there is no manual punching down or pumping over." http://www.allbusiness.com/food-beverage/beverage-industry-beverage-manufacturing/12313678-1.html 

2009 Northwest Summit Wine Competition - Awards Silver & Bronze to St. Rule Fermenting's Reserve Riesling & Dry Riesling. St. Rule Fermenting uses all Pasco Poly equipment, SR Pump-under Fementor and KiLR-CHiLR. http://www.vinochallenge.com/nwsummit/

2009 Treasure Valley Food & Wine's Annual Wine Competition - awards St. Rule Fermenting silver medal for our Reserve Riesling: http://tvws.blogspot.com

NAPA VALLEY WINE CONSULTANT DISCUSSES SR PUMP UNDER™ AT TRADE SHOW: Wineries Unlimited Trade Show & Conference 2009-Speaker Richard Mansfield discusses Pump-Under™ fermenting: http://wineriesunlimited.vwm-online.com/speakers_topics/index.asp. Also see slides from lecture.

Wines & Vines celebrates its 90th birthday in 2009. Its longevity makes Wines & Vines the longest running success story in North American wine publishing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINES & VINES - WE SALUTE YOU! http://www.winesandvines.com